Who We Are

Magic4Hope is a non-profit organization to help disadvantageous children, especially children recovering from natural disasters, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, or hurricanes. They are not only physically harmed, but also mentally strained. The mission of Magic4Hope is to help them restore hope and gain mental relaxation. The main target to serve is the orphans who lost their parents through the disaster; however, the focus is not limited to only the orphans. There is no reason to distinguish orphans from an earthquake with orphans not from an earthquake. Furthermore, there are children who are not orphans but live in the same or worse living conditions than orphans; those disadvantageous children are also our target to serve.


Magic, as a unique form of performing art, is most suitable for the purpose above.

Magic is the form of art that makes impossibility possible. It represents the hope to conquer any difficulty.

Magic can be close to the audience, allows audience involvement and lets the audience be a part of the miracle. Participants experience how they, together with the performer, can conquer impossibility.

Magic is not just a performing art; it has a broad philosophy behind it. By teaching magic to the orphans, what they will learn is beyond just magic.

Magic helps the children build self-esteem. The orphans grow up in an incomplete environment, especially the ones who became handicapped in the earthquake. Teaching them magic allows them to be amazing to other people, and helps them to build their confidence in themselves.
Unlike music, magic is less abstract and much more visually intense.

People naturally want to watch magic. Magic is a great attraction for the public to be aware of this project and continuously check back to this project for new magic. Sometimes when I am walking on campus, I may hear "Hey, can you show us a magic trick" from a total stranger who had watched my show a long time ago. This phenomenon seldom happens to dancers, or singers.

Magic is suitable for all ages, and it transcends cultural barriers.
World famous magician David Copperfield has an organization to make people's dreams come true by magic. This shows that magic is effective to restore people's hope.

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