For any questions Please contact our email:

List of donations that we want to recieve, you can still make donation after my departure, United way will still transfer to me:

  • Toys for orphans (brand new--to avoid unnecessary trouble of germs and orphanage acceptance issue)
  • Processed almonds and other nuts --with proper validation of quality (same reason above)
  • Study Materials
  • Cards of Blessing--with your writing blessing on it (preferably in Chinese, but I'll translate to them if it is in English) --don't forget your name at the end
  • eCard of Blessing--we opened a new section in our blog for this. click here (open new window)
  • Money donation - please specify (in the memo if using check )if such donation is for orphans or for magic4hope foundation
    • money donation to orphans: will go to the orphans through their orphanges they are in -- we will not take any portion.
    • money donation to magic4hope foundation: donation to us to support our making more charity performances like this for future orphans in other natural disasters--it will not go to orphans.
    • If not specified, the 90% donation will go to gift the orphans, %10 goes to further support recruiting volunteers
  • Helping us spread the word
  • Any other form of help are welcome, or even just simple verbal support for us. Please contact our email: or comment on our blog (upper right corner of our webpage).


United Way has agreed to help us manage donations.

 658 West Main Street,

Merced, CA 95340,


209-383-4242 (voice),

209-383-4254 (fax)


Note: your donation is tax deductable through United Way

Donation methods:

  1. Cash, please bring the cash into the United way office (see address above), indicating it is for
  2. Check, mail or bring to the United way office (see address above), make the check to United Way, indicating it is for on the memo line
  3. physical gifts to orphans, please bring the gifts into the United way office (see address above), indicating it is for
  4. You can do this fast by donating online. Unfortunately United way does not support this feature. However, you can donate through the following paypal botton to donate to my personally paypal account. Unfortunately as it does not go through United Way, it is not tax deductable.